Can I claim private health insurance rebates and how much do I get back?

Newman & South Hedland: HICAPS terminal where you can claim on the spot if you have private health insurance with the correct cover for services.

Carramar: Utilises HICAPS GO, an app you (the patient) downloads. If you have verified this before your appointment you can claim at the time. Alternatively we can email you your paid invoice to claim back.

We have EFTPOS available at all 3 branches. Chiro is a claimable service. Amount of rebate depends on your insurer and level of cover within your policy, this is to be organised on your own instigation.

Should I be booking in with a Chiro?

Our Country Chiropractic practitioners perform a thorough initial consult including history, physical examination and a run down of their findings with recommendations. If our practitioners recommends that you should be referred within the clinic or to another practitioner they will let you know accordingly.

I've seen a chiro elsewhere before, do I need an initial appointment?

Yes, it is a clinical requirement we review your history, perform a physical and formulate a diagnosis and management plan which is why we need the initial consultation which is a longer consultation. You are more than welcome to bring any information from your previous practitioners, but you will still require an initial consultation.

Im a new patient - what do I do?

New patients will need to fill in paper work before their consultation. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you book in for your initial appointment. This email will contain a link to your paperwork, which can be completed online at any point before your appointment (no printing required). If you’re unable to complete it online, you will need to arrive 10 minutes earlier than your appointment time to complete the paperwork at the clinic.

Apart from being a legal requirement of care, it is important that we ascertain a full medical history. This may impact the best techniques for you, certain things the practitioners may avoid, medication you take, as well as it helps the practitioner to develop a solid prognosis and diagnosis.

Why do I need to do paper work?

Apart from being a legal requirement of care it is important that we ascertain a full medical history which may impact best techniques for you, certain things the practitioners may avoid, medication and helps to develop solid prognosis and diagnosis.

Do I need X-rays?

You do not need to present with X-rays, however, if you have had any in the past please bring them in. If your Chiropractor feels you require further imaging, they can refer directly for them, usually bulk billed.

Do I need a GP referral first?

No, you are able to book in without a referral.

What do I wear to my appointment?

Ideally clean loose clothes. High heels and work boots must be removed. We have a space in each treatment room for keys, wallets, phones etc.

What if I'm travelling/ moving and I want to continue my care?

We have a clinics in Newman and South Hedland if you wish to continue care within the company. Alternatively you can advise your practitioner of where you will be and we can recommend you a practitioner in your area.

What if I'm transferring between branches of Country Chiropractic?

When booking in please mention it to the clinical assistants that you were/ are a patient coming from one of our other branches which we will flag in the system. If you are booking online please select the “Previous Hedland/ Newman” appointment type. If you have not been into either clinic for more then 12 months please select initial consultation and leave a message that you have been a patient in the other clinic before. We will then review your previous file.

What if I need to Reschedule my appointment?

You can either ring the clinic and talk to one of our lovely support staff or leave a message. Alternatively you can follow the cancellation link in your confirmation email to cancel your appointment which will then prompt you to reschedule that appointment. If you need to be followed up please leave a detailed message with your cancellation.

Also please note our missed appointment policy on the website and within the online bookings portal and note fees if you do not show up to your appointment.

What if I haven’t been to the clinic for some time?

Please mention it to the clinical assistants at the time of booking and they will schedule you for a re-examination which may require updating your details and a review of your paperwork.