Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Chiropractor, Newman, and South Hedland

The changes and stress that the body undergoes during pregnancy can have an impact on the health of your spine and the function of your nervous system. The structural changes during pregnancy can lead to aches and pains, especially into the pelvis and lower back. Chiropractic adjustments can help promote spinal and nervous system health.

We have the ability to treat all stages of pregnancy from pre- conception all the way to postpartum via the use of special belly pillows and treatment tables. Many of our chiropractors have a special interest in pregnancy care in all clinics.

The chiropractic adjustments for each mum and along their pregnancy journey changes with each appointment. The basis for treatment is to ensure the body, in particular the pelvis, is balanced and coping with the stress of pregnancy as best as possible. The chiropractic techniques can vary and often include gentle ligament releases throughout the pelvis and uterus, checking alignment of the pubic bone, gentle stretches and checking through the feet. All this can be done with external techniques, from extra training that our chiropractors have.

For our Newman patients- As you cannot deliver in Newman, if you chose to head to Hedland we can easily transfer care between the clinics. Both clinics have full access to patient files which makes for a seamless transition of care if you are waiting to deliver in Hedland. It is challenging birthing away from home as it is one less thing you need to worry about, if you are heading to Hedland. If you are birthing in Perth or elsewhere, we frequently liaise with clinics in your area to help transition your care.

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