Cupping Therapy

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This is not part of a standard adjustment and is only used in extended consultations where the cupping is clinically recommended and consent for treatment is approved.

This an ancient therapy which comes under the brach of alternative medicine. At Country Chiropractic we use the more modern version of cupping, using a rubber pump instead of fire to create a vacuum inside the cups. With either plastic or silicone cups. (We do not use the traditional glass/ flame version). The cups remain on for a few minutes, creating a suction on the skin, this can create the classic discolouration bruises however, frequently there is minimal skin changes and the bruises are not usually very tender.

Cupping can be used for many purposes however we primarily use it for

  • muscle spasm and stiffness, eg wry neck and lower back spasm
  • Injury healing
  • As a type of deep- tissue massage
  • On Chronic muscle “knots”
  • To help increase range of motion in certain muscle groups
  • For performance and injury prevention in athletes

This treatment is fairly safe, as long as it is conducted by a trained health professional.

Some of the side effects are;

  • mild discomfort
  • Burning feeling
  • Bruises, these tend to fade over days to weeks
  • Skin issues

However, all of our patients are screened for any contraindications before treatment with consent for the treatment to be performed. It is quite unusual that cupping causes any serious problems.
We always sterilise our equipment between treatments and ensure they are all in working order.

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